experience + quality + passion

Studio BLS is a blended Architecture and Interior Design firm specializing in residential, retail and commercial design. With over two decades of project experience, Principal Michael Labbé has built a successful practice with careful analysis, forward thinking and a passion for elegant and purposeful design. The firm is dedicated to integrating creative design ideas with functional planning solutions that exceed client goals. Studio BLS consistently achieves high praise for design quality and client satisfaction through thoughtful dialogue, a studied attention to detail and the ability to encourage quality work from both design and construction professionals alike.

design + collaboration

Michael has a hands-on and focused involvement in the design and execution of every Studio BLS project. Architecture and Interior design solutions are developed under the philosophy that the Client / Designer relationship is a collaboration; a blending of goals, desires and design exploration. With experience rooted in both architecture and interior design, Studio BLS brings a holistic perspective to every project crafting each with attention to function, proportion, detail, and the experience of light, texture and materials. There are no afterthoughts.


Studio BLS is committed to the principals of sustainability for the built environment and the materials that bring our work to life. In both Architecture and Interior design, we look for ways of working, evolving technologies and materials that lead to well designed environments and promote healthy, efficient, sustainable places for people.

the custom environment

Every Studio BLS project is a unique custom environment designed to suit a clients’ needs and go beyond the ordinary and expected. Regardless of project scale, complexity or budget, every step is taken with purpose, thoughtful exploration and attention to detail in order to craft your custom project.